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Laser Light Shows Birmingham Alabama

Why Choose Full Color Lasers, Birmingham Alabama?

When it comes to choosing the most exceptional laser light shows for an event, you need to grab various tips here and there to help you choose a perfect laser light show company. 

Choosing the most appropriate laser firm is just like choosing incredible video production. Cost is irrefutably a key factor. But then again, the equipment, reliability, and production quality cannot be ruled out.

Lasers are indeed powerful light sources. With their resilient thin shafts and rainbow pure colors, lasers can really craft a seamless scene for an event.

Full Color Lasers, Birmingham Alabama is one of the many firms that are well known for its incredible laser light shows throughout the United States. At Full Color Lasers (servicing Birmingham Alabama), we integrate a special technique that can flawlessly communicate the message or theme of an event.

The unique feature of our lasers helps make events spectacular and memorable. Our laser light shows can give countless benefits to your occasion, leave alone shouting out’ the theme of the event.

Use our lasers at various events

Our laser light shows can be integrated in various outdoor and indoor events. For instance, our lasers can be perfectly used in the following events:

Indoor Laser Events

  • Corporate shows
  •  Themed parties
  • Trade shows
  •  Parties that are normally held in planetariums

Outdoor Laser Events

  • Major Sporting Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Launch Parties
  • Music Festivals

What our lasers can do

Our lasers can indeed do wonders. There are several creative ways that we can use our lasers in a production. We have a team of professional staff whose task is to set laser lights for you, our highly esteemed client.

With our beams, your audience will be able to see wonderful structures’ in the mid-air, such as shafts of light or cones. Usually, we require a theatrical haze to craft different light shapes and make them more visible to your audiences.

We can also customize our laser graphics to display your logo, or animate a product. Customized lasers can really tell the whole story about the event that’s being undertaken, whether it’s a wedding, festival or just a convention.

Our laser show choices

At full color laser, Birmingham Alabama, we have a wide range of choices of lasers that you can choose from. We have about three general shows that you can always choose from. For instance, you can always choose the stock, custom or semi-custom. The choice is absolutely yours!

Usually, the stock shows have general themes such as patriotism, holidays or achievements, Christmas and many more.

Thus, if you need our services for a holiday event, it’s impeccable to choose the stock show. This will certainly display your proper theme.

The semi-custom shows are designed to display your logos. Therefore, if you need to customize your logo, you’ll always be advised to choose the semi-custom show. This is very appropriate for your event.

For the custom shows, we have the storyboard, music, and images which we have created accurately for you. While some of our sequences may be from the stock shows, and thus are normally very common (flying eagles, shaking hands, or rotating earth) all the elements of production are designed to suit your needs.

Why choose the full color laser, Birmingham Alabama?

Vast experience

We have been in the business for a significant number of years. Therefore, you can always rest assured that we provide exceptional services.

We have satisfied clients

We are a company that’s well known all over the United States. We have been in business for decades and we have several satisfied customers. Actually, our clients are always happy for our genuine productions.

Wide array of choices available

We have different variety of lasers available. Hence, as a client you have a wide array of choices to consider.